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The Sims is the most popular life-simulation game ever developed. In the lack of a better word, we must say that it represents online life. With the last update, you got the ability to have more fun by dancing and to party. Of course, all of the well-known features are available still.

Live a life of a baby to senior stage

The first and the main aspect of the game is the age. In simple words, your character can start a life as a baby and live until he/she becomes a senior. Obviously, during the lifespan, you will be able to control him and to enjoy all good things of a life, and even some bad. As an escape from the real world, the game is simply the best. Most gamers will play it every single day, so we can add that it is addictive.

A separate fact that must be added is that you can have a family in the game. Your character can fall in love and you two can have a baby. You will watch a baby grows up and becoming an individual. Let’s mention pets, which are simply magical.

Customization of characters and homes

If you ever played the Sims, you know that in the game, you can build and decorate your home. In this version, you can do all of that, but even more. Dressing the characters is a separate story of the game. There are countless combinations and possibilities, all a few clicks away. The same thing applies to the homes. You can decorate one as you want. It is unlikely to see two exactly the same homes. If decorating is your passion, this is the game for you.

Complete the exciting guests

Adding quests, the developers made the game even better, if that is actually possible. The quests are an essential element of the Sims and the main purpose is to ensure advancing, by allowing you to visit new parts of the city and to use new features. It is up to you to choose which parts of the city you want to unveil and when. Eventually, you will have the ability to do pretty much all things you can in the real life.

Tango and screenshots

One more addition the latest upgrade added is Tango. Now, you are able to dance while walking around your house and to take photos of your character from impossible angles. Screenshots can be saved, exchanged or deleted. The best part is the fact there are no limitations, so you can dance and take photos of your character the entire day.


  • Countless possibilities
  • Can fall in love and have a baby
  • Live a life from being a baby to being a senior
  • Dance while walking


  • In order to make characters attractive, you must customize them
  • Difficult to find a soul mate


The Sims is a game specifically developed for players who want to experience a new life and to be whoever they want to be. That’s why the game doesn’t have any rules, so you can have fun living a free life.

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